was created as a forum for reviewing smartphone specifications that are increasingly increasing in types and variations, so that some people have difficulty finding detailed specifications of smartphones that are on the market today, that's why we conducted research by collecting data from various parties and the official website of the brand. Then we summarize the smartphone trade, then we make a page where it explains all the smartphone names, types and models as well as full specifications.

No, it is easy for us to build and develop this website along with the increasing number of types and new products of smartphones, but we can overcome all the obstacles and obstacles. Starting from planning, choosing the right domain name, responsive display design, we also arrange and arrange the location or position of the article as good as possible so that visitors can easily understand it and are comfortable reading it.

On this website we make navigation easy for visitors so that readers don't feel confused when they want to switch to tabs or other page navigation, under posts we also display related posts or related articles, the search column is also very easy to find and we separate categories according to brand or smartphone model.

In the future, we will continue to develop this website, maybe there will be an android app for this website that can be downloaded in the Playstore.

Finally, from us, if there are many pages or articles that cannot be found on this website, please send us your input via the CONTACT tab so that we can immediately fix any errors or types of bugs that you find. Thank you for visiting and hopefully all the content on this website will be useful.